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What do you charge for weddings?

I have three different wedding packages available starting at $1880. To see all of my package pricing and

what each package has to offer, please click the tab at the top of the page labeled "Weddings", and then

select "Investment" from the drop-down menu. Everything you need to know about my wedding packages is located

under that tab, including info about add-ons such as engagement sessions, additional hours of photography,

and wedding albums!


I love your work! Now how do I book you as my wedding photographer?

In order to book me as your wedding photographer, we will need to converse via phone (856-641-2532), email

([email protected]), or in person to discuss the details of your wonderful wedding day! We will discuss

which package you are interested in, and determine if any extras will be added to the package. Once we have

discussed all details such as wedding date, venue location, number of hours, etc., I will email you a contract to be

signed and returned to me by mail with a 50% deposit paid via cash, check, or cred card. My wedding package

prices change from time to time, and I am often contacted about weddings on the same date. That being said,

I can only secure a package price and a wedding date for you upon receiving the signed contract with the deposit!


What if I am just having a small wedding, or a destination wedding?

I offer custom packages to fit the needs of all wedding types! I am also willing to travel. So if you are having

a small wedding (less than 5 hours and under 50 guests) or a destination wedding, please send me an inquiry

with information about your wedding day so that I can give you a custom package quote to fit your individual



Can I customize one of your wedding packages?

Absolutely! Just tell me what changes you would like to make, and I will give you a new

quote for the cost of your customized package!


I am not sure if I want to do an engagement session. Should I?

I always recommend having an engagement session done! Two of my wedding packages include an engagement 

session, so I definitely suggest utilizing this time for some wonderful bonding between you and your spouse-to-be

in front of the camera! It will allow both you two, and I, to get to know each other and learn what its like to interact

through the photo taking process in preparation for the wedding day! This is the perfect time to get all the "jitters"

out of the way, and all become comfortable friends before the big day happens! :]


What will it be like to have a photographer documenting my wedding day?

Will you follow me around or be in the way?

As a professional I absolutely try my hardest to capture the most beautiful pictures possible of your special day,

all while remaining as out of the way as possible. Both me and my second professional photographer do our best

to not block the view of family during the ceremony as well as keeping our equipment in a safe place during the

reception. I try to blend in with the rest of the guests so that I not only capture beautiful candid shots of the bride

and groom, but also to make everyone as comfortable as possible, rather than following them around like paparazzi!

The bride and groom will already be watched all day long by family and friends, so they shouldn't have to feel like

the camera is in their face all day as well. I would however like to add, although me and my second photographer

try our best not to be in anyone's way, we are indeed there to capture all the important moments of the wedding

day for the bride and groom. In respect to this, I recommend asking your guests to put away phones and cameras

during all important moments of the day such as the ceremony, grand entrance into the reception, cutting the

cake, etc. It would be heartbreaking if us photographers missed an important shot or had it ruined due to guests

jumping in front of us to take their own photos. I have had this happen before and would like to do anything

I can to prevent it again. So please, we are there to capture your day, help us by reminding your guests

that they are there to have a good time, and we the photographers are there to take the photos!


What if you get sick/hurt/have an emergency, or simply have something come up that causes

you to not be able to photograph our wedding? Do you have a backup plan?

As a professional I of course will always do everything I can to be there on your wedding day. If however a 

situation arises in which I cannot possibly be there myself, I will have another primary and secondary photographer

 take my place and photograph your day. They would both be professionals with a similar shooting style to my

own, and they would deliver the wedding images to me so that I can edit and select these images myself just

as I would do if I had been there in person! Your photos will look just like the others in my gallery, so you will still

get photos by me, just without me physically being there to take them. If an event like this arises, I would let you

know as soon as I find out, and would let you know who the professional photographers are that would be taking my place!

Other photographers do this all the time, so you wouldn't have to worry about your images looking any different than what

you hired me for!


At what point in the wedding day will the posed bride, groom and family photos be taken?

"First looks" are popular right now, should we do that?

I highly recommend setting aside 1-2 hours prior to the ceremony to do a "first look" as well as completing all

bridal party and family photos! Having all of the formal photos taken prior to the ceremony allows for

plenty of stress-free time, as well as allowing you and your spouse-to-be to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests!

Most of the time, more than one hour is needed to complete all of these photos. Therefor, taking them during the

cocktail hour causes lots of rushing, stress on both your part and mine, and likely the missing of what could have

been wonderful photos if there had been more time! The wedding day timeline is an absolute must to discuss with me

to make sure there is a proper amount of time for everything you want! I will create a custom timeline for you so that

you know exactly what is going on, and when!


How will I get my wedding photos, and will they be edited?

After the completion of the wedding day, it will take 4-6 weeks for your photos to be completely edited and delivered.

I do remove basic skin flaws such as blemishes on the couple in all photos as well as fixing lighting, color, and other

typical adjustments. During the editing process, I will post "teaser" photos to Facebook and Instagram to get you excited!

 Once all the photos are completed, they will be mailed to your house on a custom flash drive that is included in all of my

wedding packages. You will also receive a private online gallery of all the photos from the wedding to use for

ordering prints and other fun products!


What will you use our wedding photos for?

Although I give all couples the rights to use their photos and reproduce them as they wish, I also hold full

copyright to the images, meaning I can submit them for publication, post them to social media, or any other

form of digital or print to promote my business! Photography is my art form, so I love to share my photos for

the world to see whether it be for promotional purposes, to win awards from various wedding websites and

magazines, to be published on a highly recognized wedding blog, or just for the simple enjoyment of posting the photos!


How many photos will I get from my wedding day? Do I really need a photographer

for the entire day?

I do not limit the number of images I take during a wedding day! I will capture anything and everything special

for you to save for a lifetime! I provide my clients with roughly 500-1000 images depending on how many hours

I am photographing their wedding for. I will select the best imagesfrom the day, remove ones with blinks, blurriness,

distractions, etc. and deliver the rest! Some people feel as though they only need a photographer for the "important"

parts of the day like the ceremony and a little bit of the reception. As a professional, however, I honestly recommend

having me there for your entire day, from getting ready in the morning until the end of the night. Detail photos

of the rings, bride's dress and shoes, as well as the bride and groom getting ready are all beautiful keepsake

memories that you shouldn't miss out on! You also never know what crazy uncle or sister-in-law may decide to surprise

everyone at the reception with a special choreographed dance, so it is best to have the photographers there for your

entire day to capture anything wonderfully unexpected!


Do you offer wedding albums?

I offer personally designed library-bound wedding albums of multiple styles and sizes starting at $280 for a hard-cover

12x12, 16 page album. All albums can be customized down to almost every detail. I will personally design your

wedding album and send you a virtual copy to approve and request changes on before finalization and printing.

It will take me a minimum of 3 weeks to design your wedding album upon completion of all photo editing, and shipping/delivery

will take about 2-3 weeks. Prices can vary greatly depending on album size, material, number of pages, and amount of extra

customization. I also offer matching parent albums. Contact me for a full price sheet of album options!


Do you provide videography and photo booth services?

I do not currently provide these services on my own, but I am able to recommend other professionals to use

for these services as well as makeup artists, DJs, and invitation designers. These would be professionals I have

either worked with in the past, or see enough quality in their work to recommend them to my clients! Just ask me!


Should I provide both photographers with a meal at the wedding?

I do politely insist that a meal be provided for me and my second photographer on all weddings 5 hours or longer.

Being on our feet for hours on end and holding heavy equipment is very tiring and hard on our bodies, so we really do

need the moment to sit and rest while refilling our energy with a meal and some water. No one wants a photographer

with shaky hands! We are humans just like you, so if we are there with you for the entire day, there is no point in which

we could take a break and go get something to eat, unless you provide it for us!  With a meal being provided at dinner,

I do ask that us photographers be seated somewhere in the main room to eat with the couple and the rest of the guests.

Being stored away in a back room away from the event could cause us to miss something very important, so we need to be

where everyone else is so we can jump up and snag a photo during our meal if we have to! It is also best that we eat at

the same time you do! Photos are not taken of guests eating anyway, so this is the perfect time for us to take a break until

the fun starts back up again!


What payment methods do you accept for weddings?

I currently accept cash, check, and credit payments for weddings. If a payment plan is needed, I can certainly

work with you and set up something that works best for everyone!



If you have additional questions, please email me at [email protected]