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Welcome to the gallery for my "Eyes of Our Lives" photo series. I began this on-going project in August 2014 to bring light to the beauty and differences in everyone around us. Every day people are judged by how they look, and often times our true beauty is missed or covered up by harsh societal standards. I wanted to let people see into the true beauty of a person, their eyes, by cropping everything else out of the photos. I wanted to bring attention to small characteristics like freckles, wrinkles, eye color, etc. that all make each of us one of a kind individuals!

As you look through the photos, make comparisons and realize how different and beautiful we really are! Notice the many shapes an eye can have, and how varied all the colors are. Notice the shape and length of eyebrows, and where there are freckles and other beauty marks on the face. Notice the placement of wrinkles that tell signs of age, and scars that tell signs of the past. Acknowledge every detail in order to truly appreciate the little flaws and nuances we normally disregard or try to cover up.

For the purpose of this project, the only thing edited is lighting in order to keep the photos looking consistent with each other. Everything else is natural, because we are all beautiful!