~ My love for photography begins with you all... thank you ~



Ashley has taken family beach shots for us that were amazing.  More recently we did

a spur of the moment wedding photo and boudoir shoot.  I am super critical and totally

shy. Not only did she do my hair and make up because I didn't know what to do with

it but she took me from a ponytail and yoga pants to a pretty girl for the day.  She made

me totally comfortable posing in sexy photos so outside my comfort zone. We loved every

single shot she took. The wedding pictures were so amazing they are replacing  my originals

on my wall. Now granted I probably look at Steve with more adoration than I did  the day we

got married because of our years of life together, but she managed to capture the most perfect

moments. I am not even going to pick what to frame I'm going to leave it to her since we love

them all. I already rebooked for later this month and plan on taking anniversary shots every year

now. It takes a talented girl to make a frazzled mom of 4 feel that pretty again!  Love you Ashley

Nicole and thank you sooooo much!

-Meg Hurley


Ashley did my son's photos (at about 18 months) and was amazing!

She captured his personality and gave us a great variety to choose from.

She is an excellent choice for children or family photos!

-Jessica Salerno


Ashley took pictures when my boyfriend came home from the army just 2 months

ago and all of them came out perfect! She knew exactly what she was doing

from the location to the poses to the lighting, I would recommend her to anyone.

I know who to go to when my boyfriend comes home again & any event in the future!

-Alyssa Murphy


I absolutely love pictures! I would rather have pictures than anything else in the world. 

These pictures that Ashley took are priceless to me. When I look at these wedding

pictures I tear up. Ashley is pure magic!!!!!! Thank you so much!

-Steve Hurley


We had a small and simple backyard wedding at our house in the evening.

We had the opportunity to get some great sunset pictures in a field around our house,

and had a lot of fun with sparklers. She was very helpful with poses. Ashley was very

professional, sweet, and most of all laid back! She made me feel very comfortable right

when we met. I am very pleased with the pictures! They are all so beautiful. I'm looking

forward to working with her again once I have another excuse to. ;)

-Kat Davis


We were nervous to take engagement pictures but our experience was simply

amazing and everything turned out beautiful.

-Erin Dahl


Ashley has done me and my daughters pictures twice.  Both times she has

done a wonderful job and my entire family loves the photos.  Ashley has a sweet,

caring, and funny personality, and she does a great job with my daughter  who loves

her. If you're looking for a great photographer Ashley is who you need to see.

- Gabrielle Gilbert